Alfred Duncan, the first shepherd to the Glenorchy region in 1862, met and fell in love with a young Maori maiden. When she asked him the name of this mountain-filled place, he replied: “Paradise…for every place must be that to me when you are by my side.” At 1375m tall and resting prominently at the head of Lake Wakatipu, it is no surprise that Mt Alfred was named after this dreamy pioneer.

Mt Alfred Guiding Company was founded upon our dream of sharing incredible locations with visitors to the region while embracing our role as custodians of the environment. 

Our philosophy is that New Zealand was pristine in its historic form and that every intervention comes at a cost to that natural environment.

As a conscious tourism practitioner we work in harmony with the natural environment when we design, develop and deliver transformative experiences for our guests. Our guided wilderness excursions reflect all that is good about a typical New Zealand "great outdoors experience," while taking specific actions to minimise waste, to conserve and to revitalise the natural world. We strive to ensure that our every action has a mitigating factor and an associated benefit, with each pro weighed carefully against its con, whilst recognising the need to offer our guests the highest level of service consistent with our surroundings.

Mt Alfred Guiding Company is licensed to operate by Land Information New Zealand under its parent company Mountain Beech NZ limited.